Frequently asked questions

Who is Spirit Contractors?

Spirit Contractors was founded as a company with values straight as an arrow. We recognize the importance of transparency and integrity in the work force and while working with customers. While we aren't perfect and we don't claim to be, our goal is to always treat those we meet (regardless of how they treat us) with the respect that they deserve as human beings. We will never compromise on our values for any price and we look to build long term relationships with customers that share those same values of respect and integrity.

What is storm damage?

Storm damage is when a storm such as wind or hail damages your home. Examples would be wind or hail storms, hurricanes, or tornados.

What kind of work do you do?

While our main specialty is insurance restoration, we are a full service general contractor capable of completing full home remodeling projects. We are very experienced with exterior home renovations such as roofing, siding, metalwork, gutters, windows, etc. We are also in the process of working on building our interior contracting portfolio including painting, flooring, and kitchen remodeling. We do both jobs of all kinds that range from small to large. Reach out to us with your home project and let us know what you're working on and how we can help!

Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes. Because of our phenomenal reputation for quality work and integrity we are proud to be a preferred contractor through the Madsky Repair Program, a platform that insurances use to send trusted contractors to work with their homeowners. Our roots began with insurance restoration and we are certified at the mastery level with the estimating program the insurances use. We're very familiar with how to work with insurance companies and are happy to help guide homeowners through the process.

What separates you from other contractors?

We won't talk down about other contractors so we will tell you what's great about us and you can be the judge on what separates us from the competition. First and foremost we are obsessed with customer service. Construction is messy and frequently has problems that need to be addressed, which is why speed and communication are so important in contracting. We like to tell people that we aren't a contracting company, we're a customer service company that does contracting. Our end goal is the satisfaction of our customers and we will do just about anything to achieve it. Second, the quality of work. Our workers are licensed, experienced, and paid very well. While this lowers our bottom line it raises our quality control tremendously. We live by the wisdom 'measure twice, cut once'. Doing it right the first time, even if it seems slower, is actually much faster than having to go back and do it again. We live by the wisdom of measuring twice, cutting once. And incase we do have to go back, (which happens, it's life) we aim to repair projects as fast as possible. Remember I said construction was messy? Third, our values. Ten percent of our company profits go towards an African mission in Gabon. We don't claim to be perfect and life doesn't always go to plan (actually, it rarely does), but we are built as a company that wants to create a meaningful impact with every encounter. To us it's about doing the right thing, and sometimes that's tough. Integrity is our motto but it's also an action. So that being said talk is cheap so it's better if we show you. If anyone ever feels that we haven't lived up to the high standards we set ourselves they are very welcome to come forward, we are always up for constructive criticism and how we can improve. We're serious about what we do and have a lot of fun doing it!

Are you a Christian company?

While we follow many Christian values we will not identify or share religious beliefs with our customers. We will also not discuss any subject including religion, politics, or sex. While we are all about building friendly and long term relationships with our customers it needs to stay professional. We appreciate your understanding!

Do I have to pay my deductible?

Yes. It's understandable why we get this question so much; there are contractors out there 'waiving' deductibles and it's illegal. We will not work with customers who are wanting to commit insurance fraud. Believe it or not, our experience is that about 10% of customers will ditch us to commit fraud and try to get away with it. Full disclosure: we will RUN from any customer trying to do this. We're an honest company and we only work with honest customers. "But, the insurance money is mine to do with as I please" some customers will say. This is both true and untrue, it has to do with what kind of insurance policy you have. Let's go over them together. There are two kinds of policies, one is ACV (Actual Cash Value) and another is RCV (Replacement Cost Value). Hypothetical Example: When you crash and total your car, it's covered under an ACV policy. Your car had a certain value, and because it was used, it was depreciated and you got the 'value' of your car after you used and crashed it. So you can do whatever you want with that money, such as buy a cheaper car and pocket the rest of the money from the insurance or find a lower estimate and keep the difference. That's perfectly fine. Here's what's not fine: let's say your insurance company said, "Ya know, you crashed your old toyota camry but to ensure your safety we are going to pay you to buy a brand new one.' ...and then you took that money intended for a new car and bought the old car again, pocketing the rest. THAT'S insurance fraud. They paid you for the cost and you went and pocketed money intended for other purposes. Now I know what you're thinking: the insurance would never do that. Actually, with your home they do. If you have an old roof and have an 'RCV' policy, the insurance pays to replace it at full cost. While the roof is depreciated, the insurance pays for the entire brand new roof minus your deductible. They are not paying you for the value, they are paying to replace it at COST. That means that if they give an estimate for what it's supposed to COST and you keep money, you just committed insurance fraud. You are also expected to pay your deductible as you financial obligation to your insurance. To summarize, it's the difference between getting paid the depreciated value for your property versus the insurance paying to replace it. If it's the value then the money is yours to do as you like, although very few homeowner policies are written like that. (Think about it. How is the insurance going to pay for an old roof? It's not like you can buy 'used' shingles.) If they pay to replace it then you must follow the insurance guidelines which are specified by cost to be spent exactly in those amounts. If you are unsure reach out to your agent who will be happy to explain it further to you.

Do you use employees or subcontractors?

Both. Our personal sales staff are employees and our contractors are subcontracted. Here's why you want subcontractors: They're paid higher. That's because as employees the employer has to pay workers comp, which is an outrageously high percentage of payroll for roofing. If they are subcontractors then their own independent business costs and expenses are much lower, including the insurance costs. Who do you want ripping off your roof, a lazy employee getting $20/hour or a motivated subcontractor getting $40? We've used and seen both and the costs end up about the same. That being said, we have seen higher quality with subcontractors who are motivated to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We are licensed general contractors in the state of Pennsylvania and are insured for general liability as contractors. We are fully covered to work on any project.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

Typically one day, although depending on the size of the project it may take several days. Most customers have been very impressed with how quickly we complete their project.

How much does a new roof cost?

That's sort of a trick question because we aren't cheap and we don't do cob jobs. We are priced at the fair market value for roofing. A new roof about 30 squares (a 'square' is 10 ft x 10 ft so 30 SQs would be 3,000 sq ft) generally costs on average about $18,000, although this number can dramatically change based on factors such as height, how steep the roof is, and what kind of flashings need to be used. Most homeowners under estimate how big their roof is by about 30%. The roof is pitched, which means it's bigger than just the square footage of your home. It also can't be eyeballed because the roof at a distance looks much smaller than it actually is. Most folks are also unaware that material prices are increasing at a rate of about 12% a year. That means that prices rise quickly year to year. Let's address cheap pricing quickly: We are aware that other contractors out there can charge way less than us. We aren't lowballing the quality of our work and we don't lowball our prices. We do not piecemeal work.

How long have you been in business?

Four years. We started as 'Becker Roofing' but changed the name in January of 2020 to 'Spirit Contractors' because customers were getting us confused with a different contractor. We named it 'Spirit' Contractors because we want to represent something larger than ourselves and to represent integrity and honesty.

Are you storm chasers?

Yes but not really. The term 'storm chasers' is usually referencing contractors that travel and live out of a hotel to chase recent storms. Customers should definitely take precautionary measures with out of state contractors who have a solid reputation for disappearing when there is a problem. We are local and serve a one and a half hour radius from Center Valley, Pennsylvania. We also do a lot of smaller projects and retail work, and most of our insurance jobs are referred to us by happy customers or through the insurance companies. We aim to serve and that we don't do accomplish that by traveling out of state.

How long will a roof last?

How long your roof lasts depends on a number of factors, such as the type of shingle installed and the quality of labor. A roof that is expertly installed with cheap materials will absolutely out live a high quality material roof installed by amateurs but all this considered, most roofs we are replacing are builder grade architectural shingles designed to last 30 years. The shingles we install from Owens Corning are much higher quality with a much longer life expectancy and warranty, along with many other features that aren't found on older model shingles such as a woven fiber nailing strip and integrated 3m copper in the shingle granules.


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