Need a new roof?

We walk you through the entire roofing process, from insurance, retail, to replacement. No matter the project, quality and customer satisfaction is our goal. 

Roofing Features

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Typically 6" in width, thin metal covering the sides

Cornice Return

Also known as 'eyebrows'

The small sections of shingle beneath main roof


The rakes are any angles that are on the incline '^'


Where roofs meet at an angle and create a 'V' shaped dip. Rain water flow is stronger


Comprised of ridge vent and capped with shingles



The flat horizontal sections. If it's level it's an eave

1. Full Tear Off
1. Full Tear Off

We remove the entire old roof down to the wood, including 2 tons of shingles and 14,000+ nails and properly dispose of them.

2. Decking (1/2" Ply)
2. Decking (1/2" Ply)

Any rotten wood we find we replace as part of our job cost, free of charge.

3. Drip Edge
3. Drip Edge

We replace all the drip edge with new white drip edge.

4. Underlayment
4. Underlayment

Instead of using the standard paper underlayment we use the incredibly tough synthetic tarp underlayment.

5. Ice and Water Shield
5. Ice and Water Shield

Ice and water shield, as specified by code, belongs in all the eaves and valleys of the roof. See our roof anatomy for reference!

6. Step Flashing
6. Step Flashing

Any flashing that is out of shape is replaced with brand new flashing.

7. Chimney Flashing
7. Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is replaced with custom bent flashing as one piece instead of the more delicate step pyramid style you see more commonly.

Pipe Flashing
Pipe Flashing

All the rubber/metal pipe boots get replaced with brand new ones to ensure a proper seal.

9. Shingle Starter Strip
9. Shingle Starter Strip

This is like the outline of a puzzle, it's the first layer of shingle with a tacky strip that goes all the way around the edges of your roof.

Boom Truck

Material is lifted up to the crew


We do our best to keep everything clean! 

New Shingles

3 bundles per SQ

Tear Off

Remove old material

down to the decking


Old material is properly disposed


We use synthetic 


Example: Tear Off

Perhaps the most important factor in having a new roof is the labor. It would be better to have cheaper materials and expert labor than premium materials and poor labor. As it happens, we use both premium materials AND skilled labor! Many of our roofers have over 20 years of experience and are highly paid. Typically a roofing crew will have between 5 and 10 workers, depending on the size and demand of the roof. 

Cheap labor is where a company can save thousands of dollars. We believe in the power of good contractors and never settle for less than our standards, so we pay the much more expensive cost for expert roofers. Customer satisfaction is our highest aim and we achieve that with quality results.