• Joseph Becker

$1,000 CASH Offer For American Flag Roof

We are offering one thousand dollars in cash to any customer brave enough to let us turn the front of their roof into an American flag!!

Here's the offer: If we work with your insurance and get them to pay for a new roof, under this offer we turn the front side of your roof into an American Flag using different color shingles and give you $1,000 in cash. We can't find it exactly like we want anywhere on the internet and believe it would be a lot of fun!

You'll be the talk of all the neighbors and pictures of your house will be shared all over the internet. And we give you $1,000 cash. Who's up for it? Let me know! I'm willing to do it for anyone, it's an unlimited offer.

Ya only live once folks!

(This one was done with an eagle but we would just do it with the flag)

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