• Joseph Becker

Our Quest to Master Roofing

One very important thing that I've learned through trial and error is that it's nearly impossible to be a jack of all trades and master of all. Even just a few trades are difficult to master. For this reason I've decided to do roofing only, and here's why: because we're really good at it and we continually strive to master it! We are very good at working with insurance companies and installing high end, ultra high quality roofs. So what I found is that when our crew starts doing gutters and siding it adds confusion and complications to the mix that end up taking away from the roof, which is usually the main project we're focused on.

Check out this gorgeous roof below that we did in Owens Corning 'Estate Grey'. This is a high end roof that will last a lifetime. It has a 130 mph wind rating warranty because of an integrated fiber strip in the shingle that adds significant strength.

If you're like most homeowners, you probably wouldn't want to have to use two different contractors to do the roof and the gutters. You'd like to have it in one shot! Let me ask you this; is it worth the small inconvenience to work with a couple different contractors if each of them are masters of their trade? Think about it, you wouldn't ask your plumber to do your drywall! Long after you've forgotten the small hassle it took to work with a couple different contractors you will still be proudly admiring the fine craftsmanship that it visibly resulted in your home for years to come. In other words, for the small inconvenience you get the master of each trade but they have to be separate.

Talk is cheap. There are contractors that will promise they can deliver a quality roof, gutters, siding, windows, bathrooms, flooring, and your brothers deck, but companies that can actually pull that off with even remote quality control are far and few between. They're either one man show contractors that are booked out for a year because of their reputation or larger companies that are very, very expensive. The more trades you add, the more time and effort is spent organizing and tracking projects for quality control. That requires an incredible amount of focus. Trust me, we tried handling a few trades and struggled with it. It can be done, but not to the level of quality we wanted and for the price point that we offer. We're just being transparent about it. Everyone knows a general contractor that can do a good job on just about anything but we don't want to just do roofing 'well', we want to be the best!

We don't want you to be out in the water though looking for a decent contractor. For that reason, we have a referral partners who share the same values that we do which we will gladly share with you! It won't be us responsible for the work, but you'll be working with good people for your gutter, siding, or window project.

To conclude, all I'm saying here is that we want to be the best in roofing and we just can't accomplish that if we're distracted with other projects. We appreciate everyone's understanding and we look forward to sharing our affiliate partners with you. Thank you!!

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