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No one wants water pouring into their home from a thunderstorm. We use top quality materials and experienced professionals to identify the issues and solve them as quickly as possible.

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Many of our customers have tried to have the leaks fixed before by other roofers to no avail, the leaks return. There are several reasons for this including what I call 'band-aid' repairs, which is when a roofer basically boogers up your roof with caulk and says "Yep, it's sealed!". Yeah, it's sealed alright. In a giant goobery mess that will crack in the heat and leak in a matter of months at best. 

There are two critical components to a long term solution roof repair. First, it has to be property diagnosed. If you don't know exactly where water is running in from all efforts will be hopeless. Second, most of the issues can be solved with flashing, not sealant. Flashing lasts forever, sealant simply does not. That is why the most expensive thing any customer can do is hire the cheapest guy. Let's look at an example. 

Let's say the first roofers' estimate is for $300 and our estimate is for $750. A customer goes with the first roofer to try and save money but after a few months the roof leaks again. They still don't want to spend $750 so they try another roofer who also charges $300 and promises to fix it. It leaks again and the roofer won't answer his phone. Out of desperation they call us and say they will pay whatever we ask because now mold is growing inside their home. Now they have paid $600 for roofers who failed plus now $1,000 for our fee. "

"Wait-- didn't you say the price was $750?" some ask. 

Yes, it was. But then you had two roofers make a mess with caulk and now it all has to be removed which is a lot harder than you might think, the stuff is like glue that water gets through but still sticks to everything else it can. Now you're $1,600 in the hole when you could have just paid us $750 and been done with it. I certainly empathize, the customer was trying to save money which is understandable. It's important to think ahead and learn from others mistakes. 

We aren't the cheapest but also not the most expensive, not by a long shot. I know roofers who are charging double what we do for the quality work we install. It's unfortunate but the situation I described above happens every single day. 

At the end of the day, talk is cheap. Where is the proof? That's what we do differently. We start with a thermal camera and drone inspection to identify where the leak is coming from and create a report that puts the customer in the driver seat. We don't do guesswork, we can either find out exactly where the leak is coming from or we can't (which is rare). 

Thermal Camera

We start inside with a thermal camera, which can see heat signatures. Here is a common example where the customer thought they had a small leak. Compare these images side by side-- as you can see from all the dark spots surrounding the hole, there is a ton of water just sitting up there. That is very important information which tells us a lot of clues as to what to look for on the roof. Roof leaks are rarely what they seam so it's important to get it right. 

Drone Inspection

We use a drone to get a birds eye view of your roof. It enables maneuvers which are often not possible with a ladder and can give us better insights as to where the leaks are coming from with big picture lenses. Plus, drones are super cool!

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing has traditionally been done by step flashing, nailing, and caulking the aluminum or copper to the brick chimney. The superior method involves custom bending a single piece per side and cutting into the chimney so that the flashing can be tight fit inside. On the left you can see an old, leaking chimney. On the right we are installing razor sharp flashing that will never, ever leak again. To do this right takes a lot of time.

Missing Shingles

Why do some shingles blow off in strong winds and others don't? To start, most shingles that blow off are a 20 year three tab shingle. Once the seal wears out the shingles have little resistance and will snap off in strong winds. Many contractors will only replace the shingles that have blown off but it's incredibly important to replace the ones directly above and below the blown off shingles. That's because those will have weakened from the other ones having blown off. If it is not done correctly, they will also blow off and it will cost even more. As you can see on the right, it's the same roof. If done properly with color matching shingles, you won't even tell that they were ever replaced. 

Pipe Flashing

Another very common source of leaking are pipe flashings, also known as pipe collars. The typical pipe flashing is a cheap aluminum with a rubber boot which will dry out in the sun and crack over time. They are usually caulked as well which does not help matters. We install a high quality lifetime pipe boot with a steel skirt and sun resistant silicone boot. This flashing will last as long as the roof and is custom fit so no caulk is necessary. Pictures below are not the same roof but it demonstrates well what poor flashing that leaks looks like on the left, versus what we install on the right. 


Here below is another example except with a metal roof, this pipe boot was leaking and for obvious reasons. We custom fit a quality boot around it and the problem was solved. 

Ridge Vent & Capping

I see many roofs both new and old with either NO ridge vent or cheaply installed ridge vent. While the cheap ventilation is better than nothing, it's still usually installed with the same 1 1/4" nails used to install the roof shingles and this is not correct. It's done that way because it's faster to use the nail gun but to prevent wind blowing off the shingles as you see in these photos, 2 1/2" or longer nails need to be used to fasten down the ridge. We also install high ventilation ridge vent which is both stronger and offers more air flow to the attic space. 

Your Repair EXPERTS

Below, our project manager Daniel installs a pipe boot and some underlayment for a small flat roof we installed to fix a leak.


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